About us

About our village

Paoča, an old wine-growing area

Paoča “warmed by the sun from sunrise to sunset” was first mentioned on May 20, 1306 in the Dubrovnik archives. It is about twenty kilometers away from the sea, with an altitude of about 230 m. Its climate is Mediterranean. A local landmark is the Palačak spring, after which the place got its name.

On Paoča, there is the old cemetery “Oborine” with a stećak whose inscription dates from the 15th century, a necropolis of eighteen stećaks on the noble “Krešića greblje” from the 14th century, a memorial with a memorial house for Friar Didak Buntić, an enlightener and savior, from Paoča from the starvation of many children during the First World War. In this small village there are also the birthplace of the four Zubac Franciscans, two original chapels (Bl. Virgin Mary and St. John) dedicated to winegrowers.

How it all began

The history of winemaking in the Ćorić family

Growing vineyards and producing wine has always been a family tradition in Ćorić. The story of our family, as well as of our business, goes back to 1883, when our grandfather Šimun Ćorić (1883 – 1938) was born. Thanks to his military readiness and courage, he spent about twelve years in the military service and thus earned large estates in the village of Paoča near Čitluk. See below for an overview of turning years throughout history.

Our business

Our mission and plans for the future

Our guiding thoughts are love and passion for growing vines and making wine. Therefore, we cooperate with a team of top experts every day in order to improve the quality of all products with our signature. Since our market is large and extremely demanding, we strive to please needs of every consumer on various occasions. So far it has worked for us and we will do our best to keep it that way. Transferring love and knowledge to new generations, while maintaining quality and indigenous flair is our mission for the future.

In honor of the good father and grandfather

Andrinje. Baptism and tasting of young wine

Andrinje is a traditional manifestation of baptism and tasting of young wine from our cellars. It is a unique manifestation in Herzegovina. It was created as an expression of love and gratitude of the sons towards their father Andrija, who moved to eternity in 2005. Therefore, every year at the end of November, our cellars and hotel are visited by a large number of wine lovers and all those who enjoy our products. It is a day to enjoy top wines and specialties of autochthonous cuisine. The FBiH Tourist Board “Andrinje” has included in the calendar of important tourist events in Bosnia and Herzegovina (HMS). The award at the “Zero Waste Event” in 2014 by the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism confirms the title of “big event”.