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Wine Cellars

Growing vineyards and producing wine has been a family tradition in Ćorić for generations. The story of our family goes back to 1883, when it all began.

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5-6 Lipanj, 2022

The secret ingredient contained in each of our products is the passion for the vineyard and vines, which our family has cultivated for generations.

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5-6 Lipanj, 2022

Our greatest satisfaction comes from meeting people and the possibility of imparting knowledge about wine.

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Famous wine family

Andrija Wine Cellars

Proud of their father and his efforts, Andrija Ćorić’s sons decide to continue the family tradition and improve the business. For this purpose, they built a new modern wine cellar in Paoča, in which they combined the knowledge inherited from previous generations with the modern technology of today, which resulted in the top quality, high quality and archival wines.

The wines are matured in top quality oak barrels in the underground cellar, under the constant supervision of a trained oenologist. Just as it was the wish of the late Andrija, the winery continued to buy grapes from a large number of subcontractors, Herzegovinian winegrowers. In addition to wines, natural brandies and brandies are also produced and have a great interest among customers.

Indigenous varieties of Herzegovina

Žilavka and Blatina

In the colorful vineyards of Paoča, on the plateaus of Brotnjo, bathed in eternal sun, the two most famous varieties of Herzegovina, the white Žilavka and the red Blatina, have found their habitat.

This idyllic picture would remain only a beautiful imagination if it were not for the hard work and commitment of all members of our family. Thanks to the dedication of all members of the family, today other varieties are thriving in our estate, from which top quality wines of world-famous varieties such as Syrah, Vranac, Chardonnay are produced…

Our products

World class from the heart of Herzegovina

Thanks to noble varieties, high-quality land for growing vines and hard work, with the help of Mother Nature, we bring only the best of the best to your table. Our products are widely appreciated, and in a wide portfolio we offer the perfect product for every every occasion.

Ahead of his time

Our family was in many ways ahead of it’s time, and this is confirmed by the fact that already in the 60s of the last century, our father started planting vines “on a wide scale” and bottling wine, while most people in this area offered draft wines for a narrow circle consumer.

Our wine story

History and development

According to the charter of the Bosnian king Tvrtko, wine from Brotnjo (the area of today’s Čitluk municipality) was drunk at his court for 7 centuries, with Paoča in it’s heart. The Ćorić family tree, despite the difficult folk history, has been documented for more than three centuries (from approx. 1700). Growing vineyards and producing wine has always been a family tradition in Ćorić. The old cellar has been preserved to this day as a family museum and the remains of the former Turkish tower built in the 17th century, which means that it celebrated its 350th birthday a long time ago.

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