A symbol of the strength of our region

Top quality wines

Cultivating indigenous varieties, using the best technology, and at the same time choosing the best grapes from our own and subcontractor vineyards, we have created top wines of world-renowned quality.

The best of the best


There are not many bunches, and there are even fewer berries that can enter the competition for our line od selection wines. The difference is obvious and you don’t need to be an expert to feel all the benefits of this choice.

Patience pays off

Archivial wines

Top quality wine can go a step higher. Wines that are aged for many years under special conditions become archival wines, and their aroma is magical.

Something for everyone

High quality wines

By themselves, Žilavka and Blatina cannot produce bad results. These are varieties whose wines can satisfy every palate, while being accessible to a wide population.

A touch of nature

Natural brandies and vinjacs

When we distill the best varieties of grapes and add medicinal plants to them in the untouched areas of the Herzegovinian stone, we get a result that heals both soul and body.

For special occasions

Gift boxes

Not everyone gives wine, nor is it given to everyone. Through wine as a gift, the style of the giver is shown and the importance of the one who receives the wine is expressed.