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Vinjak ”Andrija” VS


It is produced by double distillation of young wine obtained from the žilavka, bena and krkoši varieties. After distillation, which is carried out according to the recipe of the original French cognac, the distillate is aged in French and Slavonian barrique barrels with a capacity of 225 l for a minimum of 2 years, after which the blending process follows.

Gastronomy recommendation:
Vinjak is drunk as a digestif from distinctive round glasses designed to transfer heat from your palms to the drink in the glass. The ideal temperature for vinjak is around 20 degrees.


Žilavka, Bena i Krkošija.



40,0 %vol.

Ageing method

100% oak wood minimum 30 months.

Available volumes

0,7 l

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