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Vranac ”Andrija” selection 2013


The grapes for this wonderful wine are grown in the southernmost Hercegovina vineyard, located in „Petropavlovo polje“, where the beautiful vineyards are cultivated by the nuns of the monastery of Saints Peter and Paul. The sandy deposits on which the vineyards grow are surrounded by hills on three sides, and behind which stretches the Adriatic Sea. In a location that is so special that the grapes are predestined for something magical from the start, the yields are so small that it takes several vines to produce just one bottle of this wine. This powerful and harmonious wine of concentrated aromas with its sumptuous bouquet gives a rich and long-lasting taste that adorns only the best wines.

Gastronomy recommendation:
It is drunk at a temperature of 16 to 18 °C.
This wine goes well with veal or beef steak, dry aged steaks and plum or cherry strudel.
For the ultimate experience of this wine, we recommend decanting 20-30 minutes before consumption.


Vranac 100%.




15,8 %vol.

Ageing method

100% wood.

Available volumes

0,75 l

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